Seriously? Did she/he just comment that on my status…? Really? For real… OMG! That is so annoying!

Raise your hand if ever catch your self thinking, saying or typing that to your friends?  I raised mine.  This particular subject has been bouncing around in my head for quite a while and I’m sure there are TONS of blog posts, statuses, rants, etc.. about what I’m going to say, but here is my take!

Are you careful with what you post on social media? Do you think about a picture before you post it?  How much of your personal life should you share? These are all questions you should ask yourself!  It’s common place to share so much of our lives through our social media, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook page or an Instagram (ahem, Naomi) or some type of online presence and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! What can be a “bad thing” is what you post. Do you realize that what you post a status or a photo you are making that public even if it’s just to the people on your friends list and did it occur to you that you might get negative feedback? I’m a photographer and NOTHING is more annoying than posting a picture and getting unwanted criticism, my first thought is always “Did I ask for your opinion?” and then I remember that in a way I did. I posted it publicly and not everyone holds themselves to the same standard as me! By that I mean, I would never ever post a critical comment on another photographers picture (or anyone’s picture) unless they asked for CC (constructive criticism) and honestly I’m not very good at being critical! Not everyone is like me, some people like to post their thoughts on your work, your status, your art; the list could go on and on!

I am writing this because I want everyone to really think about what you share on your social media. Is it a controversial topic? If the answer is yes; do you want opinions? No? Don’t post it. Is the status/tweet you are about to post about a personal problem or an attack on another person? If you are thinking yes; would you want that posted about you or do you really want strangers to know some of the intimate details of your life?  I have been on the receiving end of public bashing and it was an extremely painful experience. I’ve also over shared my own issues and seriously regretted it. Does the picture you are about to post show you in flattering light? Is it something you want your parents to see? Would you want your children to see it? It’s not? DON’T POST IT!!! If you have a business page are the things you’re posting appropriate for a business owner to post? No? In my opinion the most damaging thing you can do to your business through social media is share your personal problems or bash a client! Who wants to do business with a person or company that might post about them later! Not me.

This subject is one that I feel so strongly about because it’s something that I’ve struggled with and still do at times! Please, please, please think about what you are going to share before you share it!